1938: Seabiscuit vs. Ligaroti

When you hear the name "Seabiscuit," and the term "match race," you might think of his encounter with War Admiral. And you would with good reason. That race is one of Seabiscuit's greatest triumphs, topping the Triple Crown winner at Pimlico Race Course. It was a perfect example of how the Biscuit, racing's underdog, reached the top by defeating one of the top horses in the country.

The match race at Pimlico came in November of 1938. But, it was not the first match race Seabiscuit had that year. That actually happened at Del Mar earlier in the summer.

After opening one year earlier, Del Mar was obviously still in its youth. Having a horse as popular as Seabiscuit was going to bring the nascent venue plenty of fans who were eager to see the reslient equine in action.